• Katakolon to Olympia tour from €20
  • Saranda shore excursions from €30
  • shore excursions of Santorini from €35
  • tours from Piraeus to Athens from €25
  • shore excursions of Corfu from €30


Olympia birthplace of the Olympic Games Katakolon to Olympia, where the Olympic Games started in 776 BC tours from €20
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Saranda shore excursions Saranda, visit the famous and unique Blue Eye spring and Lekuresi Castle €30
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Santorini tours Santorini, panoramic shore excursion of this beautiful Island from €35
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Athens The Acropolis Piraeus to Athens, visit the major sites including The Acropolis from €25
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  • We are leaders in shore excursions for cruise ship passengers arriving in Greece offering tours from all major Port's if what you're looking for isn't listed here please contact us for availability.

    Our list of priorities starts with the time we must return you to your ship and continues with how we can show you the most in a short time at an economical price. We have NEVER missed a ship or flight departure or lost any of our clients in over 11 years of service.

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