Athens Piraeus tours

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    At €25 the popular escorted tour is a full 6 hours with English speaking tour leader
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    At €35 the guided tour for 6 hours with knowledgeable English speaking licensed guide
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    At €85 the very best tour is all inclusive in a Mercedes Benz minibus, with a private guide, your €20 ticket, lunch with wine included in the picturesque Plaka area. READ MORE


Stay near the Plaka area and the pedestrian roads leading away from the Acropolis there's plenty to do and see with many monuments and history around every corner.

The Tourist Police number is 171, and they do speak good English.
Gemma Watson

Shore excursions

Athens was named after the Ancient goddess Athena who 'won' the competition with Poseidon the God of the Sea. The ancients built the Parthenon in her honor.

The City has a population of over 5,000,000 according to the latest census watch out for motorcycles and cyclists even in pedestrian areas.

Athens is one of the safest City's in the World, if you see a ribbon across a road and a policeman there don't cross it, there's probably a demonstration.

You can walk through Plaka to Monasteraki the flea market area and the Agora [market.]

The Parthenon

Athens, The Parthenon