Rhodes private tour

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    From €40 for a 4 or 6 hour tour in a Mercedes Benz minibus (minivan), with a guide to be with you throughout your day
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    Your guide will meet you inside the Port of Rhodes very close to your ship. Choose where you go and how long you stay there; ruins, beach, lunch

Itineraries and prices

  • Choose your itinerary; visit Lindos Acropolis or take an Island scenic drive
  • Why not include a stop at the Valley of Butterflies, available in the summer only
  • Combine your primary goal with fun stuff take a swim at one of the Island's many beaches
  • 4 hours €600 up to 12 persons €720 for 18 persons
  • 6 hours €750 up to 12 persons €870 for 18 persons

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Rhodes minibus

Rhodes minibus private tour