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    Island tour €35 for 4½ hours experience sun, sea and the beauty of this magical Island
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    Private tour from €40 per person customize your tour the way you want it. 4 or 6 hours


The archaeological site on Santorini dates from the bronze age and is named Akrotiri though it's original name is unknown today. Because the site was buried in a volcanic eruption many of the buildings and artifacts including pottery, furniture, advanced drainage systems and even three-story buildings have been discovered at the site and are remarkably well preserved.

As there were no bodies found at the site it indicates that the population left before the eruption.
Source: Wikipedia


Santorini the Jewel of the Cyclades Islands created by Volcanic eruptions and even today the volcano is still active

Santorini is actually a group of Islands: Thira, Thirassa, Aspronissi, Palea and Nea Kameni. Situated in the south of the Cyclades

When part of the volcano collapsed it created a “Caldera” or Pot measuring 8km by 4km (5 miles by 2.5 miles) with a depth of 400 meters (433 yards)

Today Santorini is a favorite destination for visitors from all over the World. Many couples choose this Island to get married and spend their honeymoon.


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