Saranda Tours

  • 1
    Blue Eye & Lekuresi Castle
    the duration is 4 hours. Experience unique nature and the history of Saranda
  • 2
    Lekuresi Castle & Blue Eye
    includes a full lunch with wine or sodas,
    duration 6 hours. Experience sun, sea, nature and the beauty of this magical place
  • 3
    Private tour from €40 per person customize your tour the way you want it. 4 or 6 hours


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Saranda is a lovely coastal town on the Albanian Riviera just 6 miles from Corfu at the closest point. Only recently has this place been discovered by international tourists arriving mainly by cruise ship.

Saranda has more than 300 days of sunshine each year, in summer it can get quite hot with an average temprature of over 31C (88F). Don't worry theres nearly always a refreshing breeze coming from the sea.

We guarantee to get you back to your ship before it departs, we have never missed a cruise ship departure or flight in over 11 years of service.


Saranda shore excursions - City of Saranda